Friday, March 12, 2010

Destashing - Charts for Sale or Trade!

I'm trying to make space, and be practical. Not things that come easy, but I seem to have acquired charts I'll never stitch, plus duplicates, plus stuff I've stitched once and won't repeat... well, you know how it goes!
So, without further ado, please find the following offerings for sale - or offer me stuff in trade ... (okay, it won't make any room but I know times are tight and bartering is great! None of the prices include postage, but that will be at cost only. I accept Paypal - and from the UK, cheques and bank transfers. For multiple buys, I may be prepared to haggle.

To keep the post within reasonable size, I'm not going to post pictures here, but if you would like to see anything - and a Google or Hoffman search doesn't come up with anything - let me know and I'll get a picture to you.

Exquisite Drawn Thread Work - AEL010. £1.00
Timeless Array (Hardanger & Drawn Thread Sampler) £1.00
Creative Canvaswork (elephant, thistle fob, pincushion) £1.00

Canterbury Designs.
A Woodland Welcome. New and unused. £2.00

Carolyn Mitchell
Seasonal Samplings in Hardanger Embroidery. Booklet. Unused, but came from a shop's old stock. £2.00

Charland Designs
Beehive Sampler - chart only from kit, gently used.£2.00

Chessie and Me
Daily Labours - used. £2.50

The Cricket Collection
Flowers and Bees (Book 157). New and unused. £2.00

Cross My Heart
Earth Dragon. New and unused. £2.00

Cross 'N Patch (Emie Bishop)
First Steps in Hardanger Booklet. Unused. Lots of pretty things and great instructions! £3.00

Designer Stitches/Disney
Seven Dwarfs. DS7. Unused. £2.00

William Morris Booklet - 16 different designs for smalls. New and unused. Glossy cover and paper. £4.00
Art Nouveau Booklet - 15 different designs for smalls. New and unused. Glossy cover and paper. £4.00

Dover Needlework Series/Barbara Christopher
Miniature Samplers for Cross Stitch Booklet - 73 designs. Gently used. £3.00

The Drawn Thread
My Favorite Things. Gently used. £2.00

Elizabeth's Designs
A Year in Stitches - 12 designs, comb bound. Gently used. £3.00
Sweet Spring Garden. New and unused. £2.00

Green Apple Co.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - 12 different designs.New and unused, but came from a shop's old stock. £4.00
The Tale of Pigling Bland - 10 different designs. New and unused, but came from a shop's old stock. £4.00
Kate Greenaway's Mother Goose - 12 different designs. New and unused, but came from a shop's old stock. £4.00

Homespun Elegance
Neat Country Stuff. Lightly used. £1.00

A Special Friend. Unused, but came from a shop's old stock. £1.00

JBW Designs
Merry Hearts III - out of print. New and unused. £2.00

Just Nan
Morning Song. Gently used. £2.00 SOLD
Morning Meadow. New and unused. £2.00

Kustom Krafts
Great Horned Owl MBW-006. New and unused. £2.00

Lanarte/Stoney Creek
Girl With Cat -New, Unused £2.00

Lavender Wings
Planted Hearts. New and unused. £2.00 SOLD

Linda Gillum/Leisure Arts
Bibs By The Bunch. 34 designs. New and unused. £2.00

Good Things Come To Those Who Stitch Snippet. New and unused. £1.00 SOLD

Winter Basket Snippet. Gently used. £0.75 SOLD

St Patrick's Flip-it. Gently used, no charm, £0.75 SOLD

Meow Flip-it. New and unused, with charm. £1.50 SOLD

Follow Your Heart Snippet. Gently used. £0.75 SOLD

The Need'l Love Company
The Herb Garden. New and unused. £2.00

Patricia Ann Designs
Honeybee Harmony. New and unused. £2.50

Rainbow Gallery/Rosalyn Watnemo
Garden Song. Hardanger Chart + charm. £2.00

Clan Crest Badges Vol 1. Booklet. 36 designs. New and unused.£4.00 - out of print and hard to find, there's some silly prices out there from book dealers, I'm assuming more in hope than expectation!

The Sewing Circle
Fit Words. Used, slightly crumpled. Postage only.

Shepherd's Bush
June. Chart only, no charm. £1.00

Sisters and Best Friends
Housework Makes You Ugly. New and unused. With little canvas bag with the saying printed on! £3.00

Something Different
Evans-Morris Band Sampler. New and unused. £2.00

Stoney Creek
Signs of the Zodiac. Book 289. 14 different designs. New and unused. £2.00

Teresa Wentzler
Petites - Dragon and Castle (Leisure Arts charts). Also known as Castle Ridge and Above The Clouds New, unused - and out of print. £4.00
The Princess and The Dragon. New, unused - and out of print. £4.00 SOLD

The Trilogy
Bee (chart from a Treats kit). Gently used. £0.75
Summer Spots. New, unused. £1.00
Spring Spots. New, unused. £1.00

Twisted Threads
You and No Other. New and unused. £2.00

The Victoria Sampler
Pansy Sampler. New and unused. £2.00
Heirloom Family Sampler. New and unused. £3.00
Rose Arbour Sampler.New and unused. £2.00
Friends are Treasures. New and unused. £2.00
Crowning Glory. New and unused. With Accessory Pack containing silk + beads £3.00

Waxing Moon Designs
Chocolate Makes Your Clothes Shrink. New and unused. £2.00

Zweigart/Ursula Michael
Holiday Treats. £1.50

And one final chart. I have a copy of Prairie Schoolers "Friends" - Book 84. This is now out of print and hard to find. It's in new and unused condition. I'm looking for offers on this - the last one I saw sold on eBay for $30.00 (which is approx £20.00).

Thanks for looking!

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